Gondo is painting with an airbrush

Born in Le Mans on 22 January 1953, I have always been interested by the art of drawing and I have kept trying new ways of drawing by using new tools such as:
- charcoal, chalk, watercolour, Indian ink, wash drawing and also airbrush for which I really fall in love. With an airbrush, you may create different reproductions of colours such as colours with shade into each other, textures, volumes etc. I joined SNCF (French National Railways)

in 1972 and I have had many opportunities to achieve numerous drawings of various styles for this company.
- Comics Strip, posters, illustrations, logos and frescos.

I also realized a comics( scenario and drawing ) in 1989 for Sorg's publishing an album of comic strip. This album is called " Black & Strong " ( " Noir & Serré " in French ).

Every year I enjoy very much having my airbrush paintings on different expositions and so to make better known the airbrush painting, which remains for me a means of formidable expression.

In 2011 at the request of Ulisse editions, I realizeda book on the airbrush technique.

I hope you will enjoy watching these drawings as much as I enjoyed doing them.