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Airbrush definitions

With an airbrush, you may, exactly like a traditional paint gun, spray paint on any kind of surface, thanks to compressed air given by an engine or by 1.5 litre bottles.

Using a system with bottles is a good idea if you don't want to spend too much money at the beginning. Unlike a paint gun, an airbrush is much smaller and usually there is a " two functions " trigger in order to adjust both the air and paint flow.

Once you are able to use airbrush, you can draw lines not thicker than 1 millimetre and you may also cover more important surfaces and use colour gradations.

Airbrush is often used for illustration, for comic strips, on material, car bodies, in interior or exterior design ( walls ). It is even used to decorate cakes with colouring agents.

airbrush paasche par gravité

Airbrush with a fixed paint bottle

Airbrush with a fixed paint bottle has its bottle on the upper part and in front of the trigger, which makes it less fragile and easier to handle. It can also be used indifferently by a left or a right-handed. However, having to refill the bottle several times when painting a large surface might be the main drawback of this system

A large paint bottle is not a good solution either, as it will prevent you from seeing correctly what you are doing.

airbrush paasche par aspiration

Airbrush with a removable paint bottle

Airbrush with a removable paint bottle has its bottle on the right-hand side as the Paasche (see picture above) or underneath for large bottles.

The good point is that can change the bottle according to the kind of job you are doing. The other good point is that when you are using your airbrush to cover a ceiling, the only thing you have to do to avoid having paint running on your forearms is to rotate the bottle in the upright position.

However, some paint bottles may not be correctly fastened to the airbrush, I let you imagine the big mess you can have… There is also a type of airbrush with the removable paint bottle on the left for left-handers.

Which type of airbrush to choose ?

It is very difficult to make the right choice when you are an expert, all the more when you know nothing about it.
The ideal thing would be for you to try and compare all the different types of airbrush in the same shop. In fact, you usually have to trust the seller and hope everything will be OK.

If the price, the fineness of the line, the handiness, are the most important points, never forget to ask what the spare parts will cost you. The needle and the nozzle which are both the weakest and the most essential parts need to be replaced frequently, especially when you are a beginner.

Once you have chosen the airbrush, you will need a source of pressurized air. Compressed air is essential for an airbrush to spray paint or other liquids.

Moreover the spraying of paint is not always as even as with an air-compressor.

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