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This site is for me the means to invite you to discover or to know better the airbrush through my personal realizations painted in the acrylic, as my paintings, my frescoes and other illustrations. I thing,  you will have a small preview on the immense possibilities of this device which can replace completely the brush.

I wish you a good visit and I hope, that this site will tempt you to use to your turn this fantastic tool.


peinture épave de bateau vieille carcasse de voiture chat peint à l'aérographe cheval fait à l'aérographe aérographe d'une coccinelle peinture d'un coucher de soleil fleur à l'acrylique guépard peint à l'aérographe léopard réalisé à l'aérographe moto à l'aérographe
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airbrush paintings
painting of railway station flyers SNCF painting with airbrush on wall comic strip of black humour portrait in black and white